Assistance With Immigration And More


Family immigration– Applications for your immediate family member:children, spouses,or parents.

Representing children– Helping children and teens remain in the US, We assist in matters involving DACA, SIJS and asylum for unaccompanied minors

Asylum-We help victims from distressed countries or those who would face danger at home, petition for asylum.

Appeals and complaints– Our attorneys can challenge court decisions and file complaints against immigration judges who act inappropriately

Stay of removal- We can step in and help slow or freeze removal in certain cases



Petitioning For Relatives with I-130s

To pass an immigration benefit or visa over to an immediate family relative correctly, a I-130 form must be filed with DHS. This form legally establishes a relationship and is the first step to getting a visa for a family member. This is only the first of many documents that need to be submitted. The time it takes to be  approved depends on what category it is filed under, and can vary from a few months to years.

Immigration For Fiances and Spouses

For individuals engaged or married to US citizens, a K-1 or K-3 petition can be filed to allow expedited entrance for the immigrant in some cases.

Legal Permanent Residence and Naturalization

If you are seeking to change status you must meet a set of requirements to file a I-485  “adjustment of status” petition.


Legal Permanent Residents who meet certain criteria may be able to naturalize as US citizens after 3 or 5 years. There are certain requirements to qualify such as good moral character and a civics and english test, although there are exceptions.

Stay Of Removal

As part of our mission of keeping families together we also assist in halting and terminating removal proceedings for family members immigration officials are trying to deport.




Asking For Asylum

The U.S offers protection to individuals whose life in their home country is endangered.

Who Is Eligible For Asylum?

Asylum is available to individuals who have suffered persecution ,or face threats of future persecution by their government or someone their government cannot control, based on race, religion,political affiliation,nationality, or membership in a particular social group.

Exploring Every Option

Persecuted or mistreated individuals who might not qualify for asylum may still be able to gain legal status in the U.S through a T Visa or U Visa.




Helping Minor Children Stay In The US

Minor children are legally vulnerable. Because many children enter the U.S without a parent or legal guardian they find it very difficult to seek out the legal help they need.

When Removing A Child From The U.S Is Inappropriate

In certain situations, the government recognizes removing a child from the US is not the best choice. The government offers some protection to children who fled their home and entered the U.S because they were alone, abused, abandoned and neglected. Our lawyers offer representation in immigration related matters including:

  1. DACA

  2. Unaccompanied minors

  3. Special Immigrant Juvenile Status



Immigration Help For Victims Of Trafficking & Other Crimes

Those who have suffered serious harm are often those in most need of good legal assistance. It’s hard for them to assert their voice -and their rights.


How We Help?

We can help victims of crime remain in the U.S  through a number of ways:

  1. U Visas

  2. T Visas

  3. VAWA


Appealing Negative Decisions From Immigration Court

Immigrants who meet all the criteria for immigration, and who file their documents the way they’re supposed to, nevertheless find their petitions denied. When this happens to immigrants, it is difficult to know how to react.


Challenging An Immigration Judge’s Decision

Our attorneys have extensive experience appealing unfavorable immigration court decisions. We understand the evidence and documentation necessary for filing a successful petition, and we are experienced at identifying the reasons why an initial application may have been denied.


Complaints Against Immigration Judges

Immigration judges are bound to carry out their duties while sticking to established guidelines regarding ethical conduct and professionalism. In certain cases, judges act hastily and overreach their authority. In these cases, formal complaints may be filed.



Helping You Stay In The U.S

-The federal government wants to remove undocumented immigrants as fast as possible. This causes fear in many individuals and families in Georgia. We can help you find a way to legally stay in the U.S


Who Can Stay?

-An Order Of Removal can affect any person who was not born in the U.S, even if they are a Legal Permanent Resident.


Each case is different , but there are general requirements a petitioner must meet:


  • LPR’s need to have lived in the country at least 7 years, and maintained LPR status for at least 5 years

  • Nonpermanent immigrants can ask for a cancellation if they have been in the US and dont have certain criminal convictions for at least 10 years. They must also prove that their removal would cause extreme and unusual suffering on the family members in the U.S that depend on them


Voluntary Departure

People who do not qualify for cancellation may have other choices that would eventually help them qualify for legal status. Those who are deported from the U.S cannot enter for a period of 10 years,  immigrants who ask for voluntary departure- leaving on their own-are typically allowed to re-enter after some time in their home country. Although you would need a valid visa to return.


Immigration Bonds

Sometimes there’s a chance to release post bond and an immigrant be released while their case is pending. It’s a bit more complicated than typical bond proceedings, it requires a certified check or money order for the full bond amount and can range from $1,500 up.

The attorneys at Access To Law Foundation strongly believe no one should be denied legal support because of their inability to pay. Our lawyers offer needs-based counsel and representation to individuals all over Georgia and the southeast. We have many years of experience in immigration matters. Contact us at 770-685-1499 for a consultation.