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About Access to Law Foundation

We are a Non-Profit Organization committed to providing legal services to people who would otherwise be unable to afford legal representation or consultation fees. We believe in a holistic approach to the provision of legal protection and remedies for the vulnerable persons from the State of Georgia. Access to Law Foundation was founded by Rebeca Salmon, an accomplished law expert and business owner. Rebeca is a managing partner at A Salmon Firm, a for profit firm that provides legal representation and consultancy to the public. The firm provides services in criminal law, family law, immigration law, contract law and juvenile law.

Ms. Rebeca Ellen Salmon

Executive Director

Our Mission Statement

We are a non-profit foundation dedicated to ensuring no vulnerable person goes without Access To Law, based solely on inability to pay!

We’ve provided legal assistance to people from all over the State of Georgia. Fundamentally, this is to make certain that no one is trodden upon due to their financial, social, economic or religious backgrounds. There are tens of thousands of people in the State of Georgia in need of help, yet they are unable to raise funds to cover their legal fees. Statistics have shown that many people are convicted as a result of legal technicalities brought about by poor representation. That was the inspiration behind the Access to Law Foundation and that remains our commitment.

Access To Law