Immigration Relief For Your Family

Keeping your family together is the number one priority. Unfortunately, for families attempting to immigrate to the United States, it can be extremely difficult to do. Your spouse, children or parents might, for one reason or another, be forced to go ahead or stay behind. The legal steps necessary to reuniting families are difficult to navigate without the help of a qualified lawyer. Yet many people in immigration proceedings fail to hire the reliable legal support they need and suffer devastating results.

The qualified attorneys at Access To Law Foundation are here to help you. We believe that no one should be deprived of experienced, skillful legal representation solely because they believe they cannot afford it. Our aim, through providing needs-based legal services, is to make the justice system a little more just.

With offices in Norcross, we are available by appointment in Moultrie — where we routinely hold free know-your-rights immigration seminars — and we practice throughout Georgia and the Southeast. To learn more, contact us today.

Petitioning For Relatives With I-130s

To pass an immigration benefit, or visa, to an immediate family member, you must correctly file an I-130 form with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This form will legally establish your relationship, and serve as the first step toward obtaining a visa for your loved one. However, the I-130 is only one of many pieces of documentation that you must submit, and it is important to work with a skilled lawyer to ensure you assemble your documents appropriately and file in a timely manner.

The time it takes for an I-130 petition to be approved can vary greatly, depending on the category. In some cases, officials will make a decision within just a few months. In other situations, however, the process can take years. Working with an experienced attorney is especially helpful in this regard, as lawyers are trained at dealing with difficult immigration officers and obtaining constant status updates about where a case is in the process. More importantly, only a skilled lawyer can ensure your application stays open and valid until your family member is ready to use it.

Immigration For Fiancees And Spouses

It can be surprisingly difficult for couples to live together in the U.S. A different set of rules applies to every conceivable situation.

For individuals engaged or married to U.S. citizens, a K-1 or K-3 petition can be filed, in some instances, to allow expedited entrance to the intending immigrant.

Legal Permanent Resident And Naturalization

If you are a legal permanent resident and satisfy certain criteria, you may be able to naturalize as a U.S. citizen after three or five years (depending on the basis of your Residency). To do so, you must meet stringent residency requirements. Likewise, you must be able to demonstrate a history of good moral conduct, and pass a civics and English test. (There are, of course, exceptions in certain situations.)

Our Foundation can assist if you are seeking to change your status. Speak with our highly trained attorneys about your particular situation.

Stay Of Removal

As part of our mission to keep families together, our Foundation has developed a core competency in halting and terminating removal proceedings for family members whom immigration officials are trying to deport. In particular, we have had a great deal of success obtaining provisional unlawful presence waivers (601A—stateside) and waivers of grounds of inadmissibility (I-601—abroad) for individuals who have qualifying relatives in the U.S., meet stringent criteria, and are otherwise eligible for an immigration visa.

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