Prioritizing Children's Interests

Making sure your child's interests are identified and protected is the most important aspect of any family law matter. Children, simply put, are uniquely vulnerable. Decisions are made for them — rather than by them — and it is crucial that they receive the support and resources needed for proper development. This requires experienced, knowledgeable legal help.

Unfortunately, many families feel they cannot afford the services of a qualified attorney. The economy is unstable, opportunity is scarce and many individuals entering family law proceedings have trouble obtaining a lawyer who knows how to represent them effectively.

This is why Access To Law Foundation was established — to ensure that those most in need of legal help are able to obtain it. Moreover, our Foundation has developed a core competency in assisting minor children. Executive director and founding attorney Rebeca E. Salmon is an active member of both the National Association of Counsel for Children and the Georgia Association of Counsel for Children. She is also an active member of the Immigrant Children's Legal Network and serves as a Court-Appointed Special Advocate for juveniles in legal proceedings. To learn more about how our Foundation gives voice to children's needs and priorities, reach out to us today.

Legal Support On A Full Spectrum Of Juvenile Matters

Our attorneys offer representation and counsel in a comprehensive range of matters that affect children, including:

  • Child support — Ensuring your child or children have the financial resources they need for education, health care and related concerns.
  • Child custody and visitation — Helping parents devise custody and visitation schedules that benefit all parties involved
  • Legitimation — Establishing legal relationships between fathers and their children so that all parties are afforded their legal rights
  • Guardianship — Making sure children are in safe hands if their parents are unable to care for them
  • Dependency — Assisting children in their efforts to find a home when their parent or guardian is unable to care for them
  • Immigration — Asserting the rights of unaccompanied alien children (UACs), special immigration juveniles (SIJS), asylum-seekers, juveniles who may be protected by DACA and other related immigration concerns

The lawyers Access To Law Foundation have a wealth of experience in these matters and stand ready to lend our services to you.

The Help You Need — When You Need It

If you have questions for our lawyers, or concerns you would like to discuss, contact our Foundation. You can reach us at 770-729-4753 or send us an email. During an initial consultation, we will discuss your situation and inform you of your legal options and the likely outcomes of your case.